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The companion book, TSP Investing Strategies: Building Wealth While Working for Uncle Sam, lays out a simple set of strategies for long-term, buy-and-hold investors to consider while investing in the TSP. This Web site and accompanying blog will build on those concepts, while focusing on new investing options and developments related to the TSP.

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Monthly Archives: August 2012



The Most Popular TSP Funds

Ever wonder where your fellow TSP investors are placing their money?   While it is impossible to know in which funds individual TSP investors place their money, it is possible to find the aggregate amounts going into each fund for all investors as a whole.  These statistics are also broken down by category, for example by FERS, CSRS, and members of the uniformed services.  All of this is provided courtesy of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB). It may not … more

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Technology’s Surprising Payouts in the C Fund

Those who have been investing a while remember the late 1990s tech bubble, when many newly formed technology companies (and especially internet-based companies) with no profits and barely any revenue were valued at tens of billions of dollars.  Even more established and profitable technology companies were driven to absurd valuations.  Neither the new companies nor many of the established tech companies were providing any returns to regular investors in the best proof of profitability: cold hard cash dividends. Over a … more

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Government Pensions and the Thrift Savings Plan

While this site is devoted to the Thrift Savings Plan, the issue of government pensions and other compensation have received a lot of discussion of late. Pensions and TSP benefits go hand-in-hand, but debates have focused primarily on possible reforms of pension programs.  It is interesting, therefore, to briefly explore the history of government pensions to gain some perspective on where the programs stand now. Below is a short history of the federal government pensions, drawing first from a 1995 … more

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Military TSP Participation Inching Higher

The number of uniformed service personnel participating in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) this year recently reached a record-setting 727,786 as of the end of May.  This compares with approximately 712,000 participants at the beginning of the year. The number of activity-duty participants grew to over 587,000 personnel, representing a participation rate of 40.1%.  This is a new record, according to recent Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) figures. The number of contributing reservists reached 140,554 personnel, or 16.4% of … more

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Bogle on the Future Returns of the F Fund

Jack Bogle is a legend in the personal investment world.  He was the first to popularize low-cost index funds in the 1970s.  While academics had shown the theoretical returns of index funds compared to actively managed funds, individual investors had no ability to invest in an index fund.  Bogle, the founder of the mutual fund company Vanguard, proposed the first S&P 500 index fund for individual investors in 1975, and the fund began accepting investments on August 31, 1976 as … more

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