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‘Tick Tock Tick Tock That’s the Sound of Baby’s Clock…’

My young son loves to be read “Baby Listens,” written by Esther Wilkin in 1960.  It’s a “Little Golden Book Classic” edition now.  It’s very lyrical. The first main page of the story shows a baby entranced by an old alarm clock.  “Tick tock tick tock, that’s the sound of baby’s clock…” goes the book. That’s what immediately came to mind when I read the annual Board of Trustees’ Report on Social Security and Medicare, and the CBO’s latest long-term … more

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Required Employee Pension Contributions Will Probably Rise Soon

In an under-noticed article inside the Wall Street Journal today – titled “Parties Hunt for Revenue Streams” – was this revelation: “Now, budget negotiators in both parties are again looking to premiums, user fees and other nontax revenue as they try to soften the effect of a new round of automatic federal spending cuts set to kick in at the start of the year.  Possibilities include…raising how much federal employees must contribute to their pension programs, among many others…” And … more

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Ready To Live to 100? Vanguard Thinks We Should Be

Vanguard, the mutual fund company founded by Jack Bogle, earlier this month published an interview on longevity with two retirement experts.  Titled “Ready to live to 100? Here’s why you should be,” the participants discussed the positive and negative aspects of longevity, the need for a “culture of saving,” and the risks of outliving one’s life savings. In one interesting exchange, one of the experts notes that many people “assume that Social Security and Medicare will continue as they are, … more

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Trading a Pension for an Increased TSP Match

The Postal Reform Bill introduced in the Senate last week includes some interesting proposals.  Of note, it includes language that “the bill would allow the Postal Service and postal unions to bargain over the extent of new postal employees’ participation in FERS and the Thrift Savings Program (TSP).” The Washington Post‘s Federal Diary added yesterday that: “A revised [benefit] system might repeal for [future] employees the defined benefit portion of federal retirement benefits, which pays a lifetime annuity based on … more

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Maybe 150 Isn’t So Far-Fetched After All…

According to the UK’s Mail Online, “Drugs that could combat ageing and help people to live to 150-years-old may be available within five years.”  Read the full article here. Maybe living to 150 in our lifetimes isn’t so far-fetched after all…!

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