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TSP Could Become a Lot More Popular in Coming Years

With close to 5 million participants, the Thrift Savings Plan is already pretty popular.  It could get a whole lot more popular if recent recommendations on military compensation are implemented. As expected, the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission recommended adding government TSP matches for active and reserve service members, to compensate for a reduced retirement annuity. With an authorized US military strength in 2015 of just over 1.3 million personnel in the four services, that could substantially increase the … more

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Will Coming Big Changes in Military Compensation Include a TSP Match?

The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission is set to release its recommendations within the next week.  It will be interesting to see whether the Thrift Savings Plan will play an enhanced role in a modernized military retirement reform package. The commission has been studying compensation for over a year now, and their report is due by Feb 1. The outgoing defense secretary has been making the rounds the last few weeks, letting folks know that the commission’s report is … more

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Say-on-Pay and the TSP

What do you get paid?  Are you paid fairly for the work you do?  How much do you think you should get paid? How about the leadership in your agency or command?  Are they paid fairly? I’ve heard the debate many times over the years.  We don’t get paid enough.  We’re over-paid.  We could make more in the private sector.  We already do.   Etc. etc. Now, what does the leadership of the TSP deserve to be paid, managing as they … more

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Owe Taxes? You Might Soon Pay Out of Your TSP Account

TSP administrators two years ago established a process to deduct funds from TSP accounts of participants who were declared by a court to be late in paying child support. Now administrators are proposing to do the same for TSP participants who owe back taxes. According to statistics in mid-2013, 3.3% of federal employees owed back taxes for a total of $3.3 billion. While that’s an eye-popping number, the IRS noted that this is less than half the general population, with … more

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‘You’ve Got (TSP) Mail’…

Soon TSP administrators will be communicating directly with participants via email, phone, and possibly text messages as well. Administrators recently proposed plans to add participants’ email addresses and phone numbers to their master records system called FRTIB-1.  TSP is now taking comments on this proposal, and assuming there are no negative comments that convince administrators otherwise, the records system will be updated to accept email and phone contact information as of May 15. The announcement also proposes changing the FRTIB-1 … more

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